Build Energy Efficiency: An Education and Outreach Campaign

Why Energy Efficiency?

At a time when Americans are looking for ways to save money, energy efficiency is an empowering choice and smart investment of federal tax dollars. Energy efficiency is the quickest, cleanest, and most cost effective way to meet America’s energy needs.

Efficiency gains made over the past three decades offset the need for 52 quadrillion Btus of energy annually—an amount equivalent to half of the nation’s total annual energy consumption. This has created more than $500 billion in savings for businesses and taxpayers alike. Further reducing energy waste will strengthen local economies, create jobs, give a competitive edge to American manufacturers, lower housing and transportation costs, and enhance the nation’s energy security.

New Congress, New Opportunities

Energy efficiency is a non-partisan issue that members on both sides of the aisle can embrace, because it gives all constituents financial relief. Energy efficiency also: